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Website Design Services That Drive Your Business Forward

Your website takes visitors on a journey and captures the attention of everyone who interacts with your brand. Every detail leaves an impression: the colors you choose, the photos you share, and the product descriptions that bring your business to life.

Whether you need your existing website redesigned, or an entirely new one built, our web design specialists can build you a website that is sleek, on brand, and easily navigable.

Equivity is not your average web designer. In addition to our web design services, we also have content creators who can write content for your site, graphic designers for original graphic imagery, Google Analytics specialists who can set up and track site visits, and SEO specialists to optimize your site for organic search.

Outsource your website design to Equivity and We’ll help you create a website design experience that is unique to you and your brand.

Outsource Your Website Design with Equivity Graphics and Web Design Pros

Put your trust in our team and we’ll build your website from the ground up. We handle every detail, as much or as little as you like. Our website designers are tech-savvy, educated (they all have four-year degrees), and experienced. We know our way around a CRM portal, and we understand the ins and outs of funnels, inventory management, front end development, and back-end automation.

You can trust us to handle:


Updating An Outdated Website

Is your landing page out of step with your current audience?

Our pros will bring it into the modern age.


Helping You Shape Your Online Presence and Brand Messaging

Your brand message isn’t just about words and text; it’s in the colors you choose, the themes and photos you incorporate, and the information you decide to push to center-stage.

Major And Minor Website Changes

If you just want to change one page, one offering, or one service that no longer applies to your business, we can do that. Want to add a whole new product line? How about a new sales funnel? Or need a complete website redesign? We can do that too.

Tracking Your Website Traffic

We can build your site and walk away…if that’s what you need. But we can also stick with you and help you sharpen the SEO and keyword strategies that bring more visitors to your page. We’ll monitor your site analytics including site views, visitor behavior, how your visitors find you and help you build your audience as time goes by.

Equivity Graphics And Website Design Services Include:

Coding: We do it all including responsive web design, HTML and CSS.

Integration: We’ll incorporate your existing digital presence into your website. Access your podcast, blog, social feeds, and every touch point from one location.

Analytics: Who visits your site? What do they search for, what do they buy, where do they come from? We monitor every metric using the most innovative industry tools available including Google Analytics.

Design: Need a beautiful presentation but lack artistic skill? Our designers are there for you with expert level skills in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, branding, logo design, print materials and more.

Content Creation: Our marketers and writers create meaningful website content that boosts attention and sales.

E-Commerce: Sell, process returns, engage with customers, and manage inventory directly from your site with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix Stores, and more.

Platform Management: Need help with a site or hoping to build one? We’re on it. We have experts in multiple platforms including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

Industry Specialty Areas: We support clients in every imaginable industry, but we specialize in real estate, technology, IT, healthcare, retail, legal, finance, education, construction, entrepreneurs, consultants, recreation, and energy.

Click here to contact our team and start creating your fully integrated site! We’ll assess your needs first, then we’ll make a plan and get to work.

“I originally hired Equivity to do SEO on my website. It was a big success and now my virtual assistant handles all my digital marketing activities including a complex e-commerce site, email marketing and my online Etsy store. Equivity’s been a real game changer for my marketing activities.

Patty Chan, Owner, Dosha Dog

Meet Michelle, Marketing and Graphic Design Rockstar

With a BA in Marketing, a Masters in Graphic Design, and over 18 years of success in commercial and consumer applications, graphic designer Michelle brings invaluable insight and advertising experience to our team. She’s a passionate expert who supports her Equivity clients with high-level proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Google Ad Words, Email Marketing, and Content Development. She’s enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities and helping companies grow their bottom line..

Meet the rest of the Equivity team.


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