Bookkeeping Services for Business

US-Based. College Educated. Experienced

Virtual Bookkeepers Support Your Goals

If you’re a small business looking to delegate your bookkeeping to a dedicated, US-based bookkeeper, our virtual assistants provide a simple, cost-effective solution.  Experienced in the most popular bookkeeping applications, including QuickBooks Online, our virtual assistants can reconcile your accounts, handle your bills, and run your payroll.

With a growing array of cloud-based bookkeeping software available, securely providing access to your accounts and collaborating with a virtual assistant has never been easier.  Detail-focused, reliable and trustworthy, our VAs will keep your financial records organized and up to date.

We take the protection of your financial information seriously. All of our bookkeepers are employees of Equivity and have been through extensive vetting, including background and reference checks. In addition, all our VAs sign non-disclosure agreements to protect confidential client information. Our bookkeepers are all college-educated, experts in QuickBooks Online, and are U.S.-based

Your Virtual Bookkeeper can help you with:

General Ledger Entry and Reconciliation

Make sure that your transactions are timely entered and properly categorized.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Ensure timely issuance of invoices and delegate the work of following up on overdue accounts.

Accounts Payable

Get your bills organized and paid on time.


Hand off the time-consuming responsibility of processing new employee paperwork, entering employee time, and running payroll.

Financial Report Generation

Keep tabs on your financial performance by having your virtual assistant can generate periodic financial reports for your review.

Inventory Management

Your virtual assistant can help track your stock and alert you when to reorder.

Virtual Bookkeeper Plans and Pricing

Save 15% by purchasing an annual plan.