Equivity Campaign Results

social media campaign

This children’s clothing retailer completed three campaigns with Vendre, who used Equivity social media experts, and the results speak for themselves.

The results

  • Brought $7,924.54 in sales between 11/11 and 11/18 based on a $2,000 ad spend. Traffic from social increased by 410% and online store sessions increased by 10%. The campaign reached 132,762 people and resulted in 3,140 unique link clicks.
  • Brought $5,163 between November 26 – December 10 of 2018 based on a $1906 ad spend. Social traffic increased 7% and online store sessions by 8%. This campaign reached 107,067 people and led to 2,588 unique link clicks.
  • Brought $18,052.04 in sales between December 3rd and December 10th with a $1,477.97 ad spend. Total orders increased 137% and the company’s conversion rate increased 131% in parallel with 1015 unique link clicks. 

“I originally hired Equivity to do SEO on my website. It was a big success and now my virtual assistant handles all my digital marketing activities including a complex e-commerce site, email marketing and my online Etsy store. Equivity’s been a real game changer for my marketing activities.

Patty Chan, Owner, Dosha Dog

LJ Law social media campaign

The results

  • LJ Law gained more Facebook followers and experienced an uptick in organic social media traffic to their website. 
  • Jan 2019: 2,046 Facebook Followers
  • Jan 2020: 2,265 Facebook Followers
  • 2019 Monthly Avg.: 54 visits
  • 2020 Monthly Avg.: 221 visits